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Why can not use pure cotton fabric for anti-static gloves

Why can't I use pure cotton fabric for anti-static gloves? Recently, some purchasing friends have asked if they can make anti-static gloves with pure cotton fabrics, because the gloves of cotton fabrics are comfortable to wear, and there is a common view that wearing cotton overalls can prevent static electricity from accumulating and can prevent Electrostatic interaction. Therefore, cotton fabrics can be made into anti-static gloves. In fact, this view is one-sided.

Why can't I use pure cotton fabric for anti-static gloves?

Why can't cotton fabrics be made of anti-static gloves? The main reason is that cotton fabrics are more affected by air humidity. When the relative humidity of the air is higher than 50%, the pure cotton fabric can play an anti-static effect. In some non-special working environments, pure cotton fabric gloves can be used as anti-static gloves. However, when the relative humidity is less than 20%, the charged amount of the cotton fabric is significantly increased, even higher than some chemical fiber fabrics, and has no antistatic function. Therefore, in a dry climate area, it is not expected to use a cotton fabric to eliminate electrostatic damage.
Although cotton fabric gloves are comfortable to wear, they do not achieve anti-static effects. For working environments where static electricity is more demanding, it is recommended to choose professional anti-static gloves.

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